Warehouse Management


Each warehouse is different and should be managed with a unique, tailored solution. We have developed a flexible and dynamic warehouse management system that can meet the needs of any business running a warehouse, WaveTrak WMS®. Our solutions simplify operations and enhance productivity. The capabilities and features of WaveTrak WMS meet or exceed most other warehouse management systems. Our price points compare favorably to the big vendors and we can usually drive a superior Return on Investment.

Operational SimplicityWaveTrak WMS simplifies all warehouse tasks through automated data collection and workflow compliance. We dramatically reduce errors that occur during tasks like receiving, putting away, picking, consolidating, and packing. WaveTrak WMS enforces process validation, meaning workers are unable to continue until the current task is completed correctly. WaveTrak WMS also guides workers along an optimized route, preventing them from wasting time looking for what they need. Other features like batching and consolidation further simplify warehouse tasks.

Enhanced Productivity – Due to such simplicity, items are received, put away, picked, consolidated, packed, and shipped faster and with higher rates of accuracy. Warehouse workers can spend more time completing necessary tasks rather than wasting time fixing errors like misplaced items and incorrectly filled orders. Enhanced productivity increases customer satisfaction because customers receive their orders faster and are less likely to send them back due to errors.

Return on Investment – the economic benefits associated with operational simplicity and enhanced productivity are large enough to produce a quick return on investment, so the cost of implementing WaveTrak WMS is easy to justify