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Warehouse Control

Our Warehouse Control Solutions range from simple applications that control a single type of equipment to more complex combinations of applications that manage the workflow of the warehouse and control multiple types of equipment. Our most complicated warehouse control implementations closely resemble a full-blown WaveTrak WMS implementation with respect to workflow management and process validation but do not have any of the inventory tracking that characterizes a true WMS.

Warehouse equipment can increase the simplicity and accuracy of many warehouse tasks, but only if the equipment is integrated intelligently into the workflow of the warehouse. Most equipment manufacturers have their own control software, but this software typically consists of basic functionality that limits its integration potential and its efficiency. Further, there is no upgrade path since the equipment vendor doesn’t usually deal with warehouse activities beyond the operation of specific equipment.

We have developed warehouse control applications to control equipment ranging from conveyors, carousels, and vertical lift modules. Our basic applications are cost-competitive with those offered by equipment manufacturers but have the benefit of belonging to a suite of products that can work together as needs change over time.

Some companies find that their existing ERP or MRP systems are adequate for tracking inventory but do not have the ability to manage the workflow in their warehouses or to validate that tasks have been performed correctly. Our warehouse control solutions are custom tailored to the specific needs of individual customers to perform these critical functions.

Our clients who don’t need additional software to manage their inventory have been able to benefit from our ability to help them manage their workflow, activity, and equipment in their warehouses to achieve operational simplicity, consistency, and productivity.