Successful Integration with Oracle

Deploying a dedicated WMS is usually a better way to manage warehouse operations than using the limited, inflexible WMS module from your ERP vendor. Still, the best WMS won’t be of any use if it can’t talk to your ERP. Our track record of successful integrations with a variety of ERP and MRP systems means that you will have the best of both worlds.

Since WaveTrak WMS is tailored to your particular operations, our customers have higher efficiency and productivity than they would if they used a canned WMS module from their ERP vendor. Because we isolate the warehouse from the complexity of interacting with the ERP system, labor management and things like training costs are better as well.

Many of our customers decided to work with us because they had pain points in their warehouses that couldn’t be addressed by their ERP vendors or IT services providers. Nonetheless, ripping out their ERP system and starting over from scratch was not an option, even if they found another ERP system with a compelling WMS module. We provided them with the ideal solution of a highly configurable and customizable WMS that can reliably communicate with the remaining ERP system.