Our Story

Archon’s business started in 2005 when Tom Leonard and John Remy decided to leverage their many years of logistics experience by founding a software development company focused on bringing efficiency and productivity to the warehouse. In early 2015, Reid Curley joined the Company and brought many years of experience in helping private companies grow by continuously improving their client service. Today, we specialize in providing custom developed solutions ranging from relatively simple equipment control applications to our full-blown, enterprise class Warehouse Management System, WaveTrak WMS®. Our customers include small manufacturers and distributors, 3PL providers and Global 1000 companies. To learn more about how we can help you solve your most pressing operational issues, please contact us.

Our mission is to provide custom warehouse solutions that optimize operations, enhance productivity, improve customer service, and provide a compelling ROI.
We promise to work with you to ensure that your solution is fully tailored to your specific needs and requirements.
We believe that no two companies run the same warehouses and that two warehouses can operate differently even when run by the same company. The software used for management and control should be modified to fit the warehouse rather than modifying the operation in order to fit the software.