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Custom Systems to Manage and Control Your Warehouse.

Archon Interactive provides customized solutions tailored to meet your unique warehouse functions, operational requirements, and business needs.

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Archon Interactive is a software development company that specializes in Warehouse Management Systems and Warehouse Control Systems. With solutions ranging from simple equipment control applications to full-blown, enterprise grade warehouse management systems, we have the solution that you need now!

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Archon’s WaveTrak WMS® optimizes warehouse efficiency, increases productivity, and improves accuracy.

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From single applications to complex application combinations, Archon’s custom-built solutions modernize and advance your warehouse workflow.

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Archon’s WaveTrak 3DPack® quickly selects the best carton to optimize packing and minimize your shipping costs.

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Archon’s robust 3PL software easily adapts as you add clients and adjust to meet their changing needs, or your own.

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Popular Solution Features

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  • Proven ROI

  • Process Validation

  • In-depth Analytics

  • RFID Technologies

  • Labor Administration

  • Inventory Management

  • Customized Consultation

  • Easy Integration Processes

  • Optimized Routes Creation

  • Business Strategy Planning

  • Real Time Inventory Tracking

  • Barcode & Scanner Technologies

Words from Our Clients

Unparalleled Support: “I have worked with Archon since the end of planning and beginning of execution of implementing our instance of the WaveTrak WMS system. Since our first meeting, Archon has always done their utmost to ensure that we receive a quality product.” Read More
Reduction in Lead Time: “WaveTrak implementation has reduced lead time from 3 to 4 days to less than 1 day. We have also gone from unloading and receiving material from one truck in 12 hours down to less than 4 hours. This has been further reduced as product knowledge has increased.”
Specific Operational Recommendations: “They also addressed specific operational recommendations, design and programming, as well as technical education and training. No other company could offer the turnkey services provided to us by the WaveTrakWMS project team.”

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